Central District, The appointment between Finance and Galleries

Larry Gagosian, Emmanuel Perrotin, Edouard Malingue, etc. Most international galleries are locating in the Central District, on the Hong Kong Island.
Why this site? Question of strategy. 

The Hong Kong Island was the first area inhabited by English settlers. It is quite mountainous and the population is very concentrated. Today the island is considered the political and economic heart of the city. There is the financial center, grouped around the IFC (International Financial Centre). Do not forget the important role of Hong Kong in the international financial market. It is also on the island that residents have the highest incomes.

All this creates a life in perpetual motion. It is here, in the heart of Central District as the most affluent customers spend, starting with financial investing more in art.

At 50 Connaught Road a building that houses the Agricultural Bank of China, there are two big galleries: White Cube on the ground floor, english gallery very known for presenting the work of Damien Hirst. Then on the 17th floor is the Emmanuel Perrotin Galerie, known worldwide for presenting the great artists of the contemporary art market as japonasi Takashi Murakami, or Italian Maurizio Catellan.

A little further, on the main avenue of Queen’s Road there is the Édouard Malingue Galerie, already established in Paris in the neighborhood of the Elysee. Edward Malingue has meanwhile Chinese artists rapidly emerging as artists Yuan Yuan, Sun Xun (currently on display at the gallery), Cui Ximming, etc..

A very interesting area for galleries that wish to expand their network in Asia, and thus remain at the heart of political and financial Hong Kong movement. Where there is the financial center of the art market follows.

Photo above : Central District from the 50 Connaught Road, Central, Hong Kong

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