Paris Non Paris, first exhibition of chinese photographs in Paris

As part of a project of the art market at the IESA (see Partnerships), a young Chinese student, Ran JI, chose to exhibit for the first time in France a group of Chinese photographers.The exhibition « Paris Non Paris » is a good way to make known Asian artists in France, but also to promote their work, in a city where the photograph is part of the parisian heritage.This exhibition was the beginning of a long collaboration between China and France, through JI Ran and his initiative.

Ran Ji at the exhibition "PARIS NON PARIS" Photo credits : © HASHT-ART
Ran Ji at the exhibition « PARIS NON PARIS »
Photo credits : © HASHT-ART

HASHT-ART: Introduce yourself (your person, your career) :

RAN JI : My name is Ran JI, I am curator for « PARIS NON PARIS » . I installed two years in France where I pursue my university studies. I did my studies at the Institute of Fine Arts of Hubei. At the end of my studies, I got the price of defense and diploma BAC +4 in 2009. Then I worked in a company that organizes exhibitions in China. In 2010, I had the opportunity to organize an exhibition on Peugeot China GuangZhou. My five colleagues and myself have won the prize of « submission. » The project, whose budget amounted to 10 million yuan, has taught me much about the process of making. During the same year, I was responsible for the design of several exhibitions that were used by my clients. It was then that I understood how the culture was significant, especially when one wants to become a curator, not just designer. I felt that I needed to know the history of Western art, the new exposure technology, law etc. That’s why I decided to resign and come to France to continue my studies. My goal was to improve myself in both arts and technology and French, to know the culture of this country. In 2013, I studied at IESA in Paris in year for a Master Professional in Art Market.

HASHT-ART : Why a photography exhibition?

RAN JI : I love photography and the work of my photographer friends: artists MAO Tao and Long MA carry a lot of talent on photography. More Tao MAO which exposed several times in France, China and Japan. His idea of ​​the picture is rather original. Currently he studied at the Beaux-Arts in PARIS. With my friends, we are a team, and a curator is still working with artists he likes a lot.

HASHT-ART : Why this title?

RAN JI : This is an idea of ​​contrast. There is a big difference between the works, for example: black and white, large and small format, abstract and concrete etc. All contrasts recall the title of the exhibition. The city of Paris is the theme of this exhibition, I hope that visitors were sensitive to the different moods created by these pictures.

HASHT-ART: How long has been mounting exposure ?

RAN JI : 5 hours. We were used for hanging the picture rails after it has been moving that the works are in the best conditions.

HASHT-ART: How did you choose your artists ? Why these artists?

RAN JI : First, I chose the subject of artists for the exhibition. Then I compared the works for pictures to be put together, that is to say, on the same wall or in the same room. I contacted the artists, and I have received over 1.000 photos. For the exhibition, we had five artists with five different materials: instant camera, digital photography, mobile photography, film and google street view.

HASHT-ART : What do you expect from this show?

RAN JI : From the experience and meeting new people who work in the contemporary art market.

HASHT-ART : What were your goals? Did you have?

RAN JI : My goal was simple: organize the exhibition well for my future career, and think really for artists.

HASHT-ART : What were the reactions of the visitors? Did you have buyers?

RAN JI : There were 302 visitors during the week of the show, most of them thought it was well put together. Now we contact visitors by mail to receive proposals. Three works were sold.

HASHT-ART : What are your plans after this exhibition?

RAN JI : I will create a studio that includes a group of young curators, and I have already scheduled two shows for next year in Paris.


Exhibition « PARIS NON PARIS »
September 22-29, 2014
(openning Thrusday September 25, from 6pm to 9pm)
StudioGalerie B&B
6bis rue des Récollets, 75010 Paris
Curator : Ran JI (
Elephant d’art Facebook page : here.


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