Wallace Chan, the asian’s jeweler who wins the heart of France

Initially unknown in Europe, the strange pieces of Wallace Chan are revealed more and more on the old continent. This year, for the second time, the Hong Kong jeweler was present in september at the 27th Biennale des Antiquaires 2014 (Paris), next to Cartier, Chaumet and Chanel, and the only Asian jeweler to participate in the Biennale. The Jewelry Master’s latest creations feature the rarest gemstones, including a 164.39ct Gabriella Rose purple sapphire, which is known to be the biggest flawless purple sapphire in the world and in history. With miraculous imagination and craftsmanship, Wallace Chan’s latest creations have inspired awe and applause from international audience. 

Back on the process of this luxury jeweler that is rising in France…

Wallace Chan began to work in 1974, wen he founded a gemstone workshop (which was officially renamed as Wallace Chan International Limited in 2007). In 1987, he created the « wallace cut », an original carving technique combining cameo, intaglio, and gem faceting, which earned him the « Hong Kong Jewelry Design Grand Award ».

In 2003, after solo exhibitions, Wallace Chan realized a pair of Corum Buckingham Vision 18K Jadeite Wrist-watches (commissioned by Corum, swiss watches), the only pair of its kind in the world. It was auctioned at Christie’s for US$ 1,000,000. In 2008, He is the first Asian jewelry artist

« Secret Abyss» Necklace yellow diamond (10.05 carats), rutile quartz (211.74 carats), emerald, diamond fancy color, amethyst, rutile quartz © Wallace Chan
« Secret Abyss»
yellow diamond (10.05 carats), rutile quartz (211.74 carats), emerald, diamond fancy color, amethyst, rutile quartz
© Wallace Chan

invited to exhibit at the “Moscow World Fine Art Fair 2008” and won « The Most Creative Design Award ». And in 2009, he delivered a keynote speech at « Hong Kong Jewelry and Gem Fair 2009 » on the Global Release of the revolutionary mastery of titanium in jewelry-making. From April to June 2010, he became the first contemporary jewelry master ever invited by the Capital Museum in Beijing to hold a solo exhibition: « From Heaven Brought – The Craftsmanship of a Soul ».

In September 2012, Wallace Chan is invited for the first time by the Syndicat National des Antiquaires to participate in the 26th Biennale des Antiquaires as the first and only Asian exhibiting at this 50-year-old prestigious event. The next year, he was selected as “One of the 100 Most Important Jewels of the 20th Century.” (Vivienne Becker’s Impossible Collection of Jewelry).

In September 2014, he was appointed Asia Ambassador for the 27th Biennale des Antiquaires in Paris, and exhibited at the Biennale has the first and only Asian. Moreover, Wallace Chan was invited to give a 45 minutes talk on jewelry art at Christie’s, Paris.

And what about these strange and sculptural jewels ?

« Gleams of Waves » Brooch diamant jaune (6,68 carats), rubis, saphir rose © Wallace Chan
« Gleams of Waves »
yellow diamond (6.68 carats), ruby, pink sapphire
© Wallace Chan

« I create because I have stories to tell« , said the Jewelry Master.  In Wallace Chan’s philosophy,

when we look at the world through a perspective as curious and pure as that of a newborn, it is not difficult to notice that even a flower has its story to share, this explains the spirit of his Biennale selection this year.

Wallace Chan’s jewelry poetic and conceptual pieces, are concrete, tangible works of intricate form, with a complex design, and sublime craftsmanship. His innovative setting and casting techniques resonate with the minds of the most avid and experienced spectators, inspiring them to marvel at the results of his skills and vision.

Today, Wallace Chan is globally recognized as the only fine jewelry artist of Chinese origin who has mastered both innovative design and revolutionary technique.

Official website : Wallace Chan Beyond Jewelry.


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