SINGAPORE ART FAIR 2015, launch of the first edition this month

The Singapore Art Fair will be held from 27 to 30 November 2014 at Suntec Singapore. This art fair is the first in Asia, and is dedicated to the rich artistic offerings of the ME.NA.SA regions (Middle East, North Africa, South & South-East Asia). It is organized by Orchilys Pte Ltd, a new joint venture company set up by MP Singapore, a professional exhibition and conference organiser headquartered in Singapore, and CEDRALYS, organiser of the highly successful Beirut Art Fair.

Xie Ke © Singapore Art Fair
Xie Ke
© Singapore Art Fair
Zi Peng © Singapore Art Fair
Zi Peng
© Singapore Art Fair

This inaugural edition will feature 60 galleries from around the world, 20 solo show booths from artists who are presenting their work internationally for the first time, and thematic platforms coordinated by experts, interactive and multimedia performances are also among the highlights of the art fair.

The Singapore Art Fair aims to reinforce Singapore’s role as the newest cultural destination at the heart of Asia, and a meeting point for new collectors, galleries, art patrons, artists and cultural institutions to exchange ideas. Following the success of the Beirut Art Fair which was created four years ago to promote the art of the ME.NA.SA regions, the Singapore Art Fair will provide the opportunity for the organisers to bring their expertise and expand the scope in Singapore and Asia.

Kanako Ohya © Singapore Art Fair
Kanako Ohya
© Singapore Art Fair

With this new showcase, we wish to provide a platform for collaborations and networking, and develop connections among the different cultures of the ME.NA.SA regions and promote their cultural and artistic exchanges,” said Mrs Laure d’Hauteville, Fair Director and Founder of the Singapore Art Fair and Beirut Art Fair. The creative energy and the presence of increasingly relevant ME.NA.SA artists within the world scene can be noticed nowadays, not only through the results of auctions and sales, but also through their numerous exhibitions in museums, private foundations, and several international biennials for contemporary art.

About the Thematic Platforms :
Singapore Art Fair will feature thematic exhibitions that bring together artists, galleries, curators as well as collectors. It aims to broaden the public perspectives beyond what is usually featured in galleries and auctions, and deepen their knowledge about ME.NA.SA. art.

French friends, gallerists, collectors, experts, curious, if you are in Asia, it’s the Asian event in November not to miss…

For more informations, Singapore Art Fair 2014 website :


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