CEET, the new recuit of Street Art in China

Meeting with French artist CEET, during his performance at Le M.U.R Oberkampf in Paris, November 8, 2014.

Fouad Ceet is a graffiti artist of Moroccan origin, living and working in Hong Kong. He was born in 1971. He spent his childhood in Toulouse.

Portrait of Fouad CEET © CEET
Portrait of Fouad CEET

Quickly, He showed an aptitude for drawing and colors, and in the late 80s, he chose graffiti as a single activity and used different painting techniques such as drawing and calligraphy. Autodidact, Ceet developed his own style, a mix of 3D abstract and figurative. He hesitated to move from the street to the gallery, but ultimately chose to give a new meaning to his graffiti, first introducing its imagery. Using different painting techniques, he broke away from his style and techniques of other graffiti artists. Also a sculptor and designer, Ceet realized partnerships with major brands like Adidas, Prada, etc. Moreover, he participated in many exhibitions such as the Biennale of Contemporary Art in Hong Kong, Lyon, Le French May (Hong Kong), Museum of Contemporary Art in Vienna, Museum of the National Center Jean Jaurès in Castres (France), etc.

Having toured the world and painted walls and trains in the 4 corners of the planet, Fouad Ceet decided to stay in China, where he found a large part of its current influence. He decided to promote his art that is graffiti in Asia. His aim is to paint and create using public space to express themselves, with or without permission. For him, graffiti remains a prohibited act where the action is as important as the result. The graffiti is alive by itself and belongs to the wall.

HASHT-ART :  why did you choose to work about Street Art ?

Fouad CEET : I have begun to make graffiti 26 years ago. At the time I was hanging out a lot in the street, I was looking a lot. Then I started doing graffiti and I was hooked. Then, I worked on different materials (stencils, candles, papers, walls, etc.)

HA : why did you want to live in Hong Kong ?

Fouad CEET : I have been in Hong Kong several times for work. I consider China as a new experience, everything is easily and quickly accessible. Currently, I am working in a factory and I also manage an office of Design of 500m2.

HA : You were sponsored by different brands  (Adidas, Prada, etc.), how it was designed ?

View of the exhibition « No wings, no chocolate » © TOOF Contemporary
View of the exhibition « No wings, no chocolate »
© TOOF Contemporary

Fouad CEET : I was sponsored by Adidas for 8 years. Adidas allowed me to travel for my work, in return I gave my point of view on their new collections, including everything « urban style ». About Prada, I was spotted in a tattoo magazine in Italy, and they offered me to make a collection of tee-shirts.

HA : what are your plans ?

Fouad CEET : I’m stopover in Paris. I took the opportunity to achieve a performance to Le M.U.R Oberkampf in Paris. Then I will go to Morocco in an artists’ residence, to finish my trip to Île de La Reunion for an exhibition.

HA : where can we see you in Hong Kong ?

Fouad CEET : I just finished an exhibition, « No Wings, No Chocolate », at the Toof Contemporary in Hong Kong (during the French May festival). Regularly I changing place, all the news are on my website.

Official website : http://megaceet.com


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