The asian lacquer is baring in a parisian gallery

Melanie Baltazar, founder of REFLETS DES ARTS and HASHT-ART partner, presents until December 12, 2014 a set of objects in Lacquer from China and Japan, selected by her, as a young expert of East Asia objects.

On this occasion, she is invited by Benoît-Charles Sauret, director of the Galerie La Scala des Nues, installed in the 8th arrondissement of Paris, in the Triangle d’Or, where their exhibition is taking place.

Throughout the exhibition, we can discover the finesse of the Lacquer, a technique of Chinese origin over 3000 years, and an integral part of Chinese heritage. This technique has survived the centuries and through the Melanie Baltazar’s work and her passion for Lacquer, that we can now discover again.

Concerning Benoît-Charles Sauret, he is exhibiting the Theme of the Nude, one specialty of the gallery, and with differents sorts of art (paintings, drawings, sculptures), old and contemporary. Works that perfectly blend with the delicacy and preciousness of Lacquer. All creates a welcoming and intimate atmosphere in the gallery, where art, technics, history and sensuality are blending.

Mélanie Baltazar (Founder of REFLETS DES ARTS)
& Benoît-Charles Sauret (Director of Galerie La Scala Aux Nues)
Until December 12, 2014
From 11am to 8pm
Galerie La Scala Aux Nues
68, rue de la Boétie
75008 Paris – France /
Website of the Galerie La Scala Aux Nues :


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