The Gillman Barracks in Singapore

In Paris, we have the Carré Rive Gauche, the Saint-Germain-dès-Près district, theTriangle Rive Droite, near Élysée Palace, or the « Centquatre » in the 19th arrondissement. In Singapore, there are the Gillman Barracks.

Located on Lock Road, the Gillman Barracks is a colonial site of 6.4 hectare, welcoming a contemporary arts cluster, that is home to 17 international art galleries, three restaurants and the Centre for Contemporary Art (CCA).

The history : 

© Singapore Economic Development Board

Gillman Barracks is located on the site of a former military camp named after the late General Sir Webb Gillman, a well-known British army officer. Set up in 1936 to accommodate the expansion of the British infantry in Singapore, the camp consists of 14 buildings that were taken over by the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) in August 1971 as part of the withdrawal of the British military from Singapore.

After the SAF vacated the camp in the 1990s, the buildings were used for commercial purposes and the site was renamed Gillman Village in 1996. The site reverted to its original name, Gillman Barracks, in 2010 and was re-developed and launched in September 2012 as a contemporary art centre.

About the art cluster :

The art cluster is part of a city with a vibrant arts scene made up of public museums, commercial galleries, non-profit spaces, and major art events such as the Singapore Biennale and Art Stage Singapore.

© Singapore Economic Development Board

The galleries feature diverse and ever-changing exhibitions from internationally acclaimed artists, of the region and around the world. These artists include both established and emerging artists such as Alfredo and Isabel Aquilizan, Heman Chong, Yayoi Kusama, Yoshitomo Nara and Sebastião Salgado.

Concerning CCA, it is devoted to advancing knowledge in contemporary art through its international artist residency, research and exhibition programmes, who are bolstering the region’s visual arts landscape.

By fostering cultural exchange and creation, generating discourse and research and showcasing the most innovative art of our time, the galleries and CCA establish Singapore as an important centre for contemporary art in Asia.

The Gillman Barracks :

9 Lock Road

Singapour 108937

Openning hours : from tuesday to sunday, from 12pm to 7pm (on friday until 9:15pm)
Official website :


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