ART PARIS 2015 honors Singapore and Southeast Asia

From 26 to March 29, 2015, the Art Paris fair receives galleries from Singapore and Southeast Asia, under the nave of Grand Palais, at the heart of french capital. a number of galleries from Southeast Asia will show one fifty talents from Cambodia, Burma, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand.

After the last trip in Singapore (January 2015), HASHT-ART wanted to meet galleries who will be present in a few days in Paris, and in preview discover the colors of this year. And at first glance, the colors will bring a lot of heat from the island in the Parisian spring.

Singaporean eight galleries, including Art Plural Gallery, Intersections, Chan Hampe Galleries, Element Art Space, STPI, Sundaram Tagore Gallery and Yeo Workshop will in a few days to set up their booth, and to show emerging artists in the Asian Art Market, between. Look more closely at these galleries…

At first, meeting with Chan Hampe Galleries. This gallery seeks to cultivate and promote the contemporary visual arts of Singapore, increasing the exposure and value of Singaporean art and its contribution to contemporary art practice from this region. With its central location in the esteemed Raffles Hotel in Singapore’s Bras Basah Cultural District, the gallery serves as a focal point for discourse and discovery of Singaporean contemporary art. On the booth of Art Paris Art Fair, Chan Hampe Galleries will show the Artist Dawn Ng with “A Thing of Beauty”, a series of photographed installations of small, locally sourced objects (found in shops from bakeries to convenience stores throughout Singapore’s residential heartlands). A bold celebration of the everyday and ordinary. The work aims to challenge common canonizations of what we find beautiful and helps us see a bit of ourselves in the things we keep.

Next, we have a real change of scenery with the Element Art Space gallery, who will show six indonesian artists : Jim Allen Abel, Laila Azra, Eddie Hara, Hendra “HeHe” Harsono, Inge Rijanto, and Arkiv Vilmansa. The gallery defined oneself as ground of contemporary art exchange by emerging artists and mid-career artists from the Southeast Asia region. And the booth will be the illustration of this diversity. Hendra “HeHe” Harsono will present his surreal and childlike characters brightly colored, opposite to Inge Rijanto with her aluminum sculptures.

The Intersections gallery will discover again on the booth the History Asian art through contemporary artists, as June Lee Yu Juan and Ink on rice paper, or Phyu Mon with her photographies which witness the societal issues in her country. The aim of the gallery is to bridge cultures through the various arts.

Void of Culture 2 (2008) June Lee Yu Juan Chinese Ink on Rice Paper 300 x 115 cm Courtesy : Intersections (Booth G19)

The STPI gallery will present at Art Paris Art Fair a unique and varied selection of prints by established artists Han Sai Por (Singapore), Heman Chong (Singapore), Eko Nugroho (Indonesia), Rirkrit Tiravanija (Thailand) and Haegue Yang (Korea).

Letters from Prison (2015) Marcin Dudek Carbon paper, Gaffer Tape on Wood 100 x 74cm Courtesy : Yeo Workshop (Booth F9)

Next, the Sundaram Tagore Gallery will show one single artist, Jane Lee. She is known for her inventive techniques and innovative use of materials. The surfaces of her paintings are highly tactile and sensuous, often dimensional enough to be considered sculptures. The paintings are mounted on the wall, the floor, and in the corners of rooms. With this strategy of activating the spaces in which her works are being presented, she uses space itself as a medium.

 The Sundaram Tagore Gallery is devoted to examining the exchange of ideas between Western and non-Western cultures. We focus on developing exhibitions and hosting not-for-profit events that encourage spiritual, social and aesthetic dialogues.

There will be too Yeo Workshop at the fair. Workshop Yeo is a project space that produces a series of exhibitions, represented artists projects, and gallery based programmes such as talks and guiding research. It’s aim is to promote the work of contemporary local and international artists, and engage with the Singaporean and visiting audience. The space also houses its current production the Arnoldii Arts Club, a course based arts club. The selection at Art Paris Art Fair includes an international mix of Singaporean artists and also artists who have come to Singapore for residency. Drawings on Paper with Ian Woo, Xue Mu, Drawings on Canvas with Maryanto, Glass Sculptures by Zul Mahmod, Vinyl on Wood by Marcin Dudek etc. will be exposed.

Waiting for the opening of Art Paris Art Fair in a few days, we can note that a new market for Asian art is creating oneself, whose primary objective will be to learn to Parisian who are the emerging local artists in Singapore Indonesia, via Malaysia or Vietnam. And finally create a cultural dialogue between these two regions, geographically away, but close for a few days at Grand Palais.

 See you Thursday for the opening !

March 26-29, 2015
3 Avenue du Général Eisenhower, 75008 Paris
Art Paris Art Fair 2015 official website : here.


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