Centre Pompidou Paris is going to National Gallery Singapore

After La Pinacothèque de Paris, Centre Pompidou is going to Singapore. Centre Pompidou announced last June 18 the signing of an agreement of understanding with the National Gallery Singapore for the production of one first exhibition of the new museum. This exhibition seeks to show a hundred artworks from Centre Pompidou collection with that collected by the new Singapore institution.

This exhibition will mark the launch of a series of collaborations with other international art institutions from Thailand, Vietnam, China, Japan, and the Netherlands.

We hope that through this collaboration with Centre Pompidou, our two institutions will find ways to share the arts with many more people in France and Singapore” said Sam Tan, Singapore’s Minister of State for Culture, Community, and Youth, in a statement. According to the Art Newspaper, its newly appointed president, Serge Lasvignes, has recently been in talks with Chinese officials to discuss a number of joint projects, including pop-ups, across China.

It will gather over 200 artworks, and visitors can expect to see works from avant-garde masters like Pablo Picasso, Wassily Kandinsky, and Marc Chagall and will share the exhibition space with their south-east Asian counterparts, including Georgette Chen and Galo Ocampo.

One more time, museums, galleries, auction houses, foundations and other cultural institutions are seeking to set up their offices on the island, where the art market is still very young. The aim to alert the general public to art by showing a “showcase” of the History of art and its market will allow it to place the Singaporean art market on the same level as Hong Kong or Shanghai ?

We will see that in October, at the opening of the National Gallery Singapore…

Sources : ArtnetNews.


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