The Top 10 best selling artists in 2015: how China is rising

In its last report in June 2015, Artprice offers provides a ranking of new highest auctions since January 2015. The auction ranking reveals Chinese power in the valuation of their past and present art. How did it come to this ?

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Five new entries in the top 10 are Chinese artists. He Haixi (born 1958), with a landscape ink painted in 2014, has gone to four times the estimate (price: $562.000 included fees, at Poly International January 24, 2015) ; Mao Huijian with an important work of the late seventeenth century calligraphy offered at Sotheby’s New York in March (silk scroll of nearly 10 meters estimated $30,000 and eventually sold $162.500 included fees) ; Jiang Youfu, an artist born in 1942 who oncentre on the renewal of the landscape which are particularly Chinese applicants. For its first test auction, the artist spent the $300.000 included fees at Poly Auction * Hong Kong.

The work of the ink is also rewarded with the first known auction of a work of Kuncan. Landscape painter in the pure traditional Chinese painter, active between 1657 and 1674. Kuncan this rich drawings spiritual reflections, and is part of Chinese history. His “Temples Among Autumn Mountains” has sold $150.000 included fees at Sotheby’s New York. Well known in China, his works are also exhibited in several American museums.

The last best Chinese entry reveals the enthronement auction of the label “Made in Company” in April at Sotheby’s Hong Kong. Of the three works presented under this label, two were sold, including a large canvas sold $137.000 included fees.

The name “Made in Company” is actually the transformation of the artist Xu Zhen (a leader of the Chinese contemporary scene born in 1977 and living in Shanghai), in a cultural production company established since 2009. “Made in Company” does aims not only to produce works but also instill a review on the business logic and nature of a contemporary artist today, in addition to China.

So China continues to increase its power, often equating with USA on the global contemporary art market. Waiting for next Artprice report to know the result of that Asian growth…

Sources : Art Market Insight ™ by Artprice.


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