ASIA NOW, the new asian-parisian fair

ASIA NOW, a curatorial platform promoting the Asian contemporary scene and artistic conversation between East and West, will launch its first art Fair at the Espace Cardin in Paris, October 19-22, 2015.

For collectors, artists, gallerists, curators, critics and art lovers ASIA NOW wishes to become one privileged place for cultural exchanges of high quality, and a immersive unique experience in the heart of the Asian contemporary art. Designing world-class collectors activities, Asia Now offers a conveniently placed opportunity for major collectors and investors to uncover Asian talents. Top Collectors program will be released shortly.

ASIA NOW will present artists from China, Japan, South Korea, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan and India, represented by Asian galleries and mostly by international galleries.

Night Paris_150cmx187.5cm_ Archival Inkjet Print_2015
Chen Wei, Night Paris, 2015, prints and inkjet printing, 150 x 187.5 cm Courtesy : the artist andLeo Xu Projects

International city of arts and culture, Paris is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for artists and their patrons, as well as a land of welcome for many Asian artists, whose workshops are located in Paris (reference to last article “The French Art Market lifted by Chinese artists“).

Chen Qiulin, The Moment, Photograph, Giclee Print, 154x124cm, 2009, Ed.8
Chen Qiulin, The Moment, 2009, 154 x 124 cm, photography, giclee print, Ed.8 Courtesy : the artist and A Thousand Plateaus Art Space

The artistic director is Ami Barak. Independent Curator of international reputation, Ami Barak has led hundreds of projects and exhibitions in France and worldwide. He explains about ASIA NOW : “My involvement with ASIA NOW came naturally. I think the time is ripe to share with the global public of Paris and from elsewhere, with curators, Western collectors and art dealers, the stunning dynamics of the Asian scene and of its major players, artists and galleries“.

About the location : place of culture, the Espace Cardin crystallizes the meeting point between tradition and modernity. ASIA NOW will hold its first edition in this place conducive to contemporary expression. The venue benefits from an outstanding contemporary interior, elegant and spacious with high ceiling and a perfect mix of history and modernity.

The events around ASIA NOW: an Talks, led by curators, critics, and recognized artists and collectors eager to share their passion for contemporary Asian art is expected. More, a set up round tables on opening new perspectives. Finally, a programming outside the Walls, composed of cultural events resonate with ASIA NOW, will take place in various high places of artistic and cultural exchange institutions of the capital.

This event predates the opening of FIAC next October 22, 2015 (reference to last article « FIAC 2015 : asian galleries in Paris« ). S


October 19-22, 2015
Espace Cardin : 1 Avenue Gabriel, 75008 Paris
ASIA NOW official website : here.


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