KOREA NOW at Les Arts Décoratifs, an artistic heritage

As part of the France-Korea year starting this month, Les Arts Décoratifs in Paris presents from  September 19, 2015 to January 3, 2016, a unique exhibition of over 700 works by 150 Korean artists, architects, designers, fashion designers, etc. This exhibition invites the public to discover this French artistic heritage still little known in France.

Seoul, South Korea. This is a megalopolis that intrigues and fascinates. Today is a ground of artistic encounters, but also a place of creative ferment, closely followed by the international scene, in contemporary art, Design or Fashion.

About South Korean Design and craft, Les Arts Décoratifs shows under the nave and in side galleries, a variety of crafts from this country. Were brought together one hundred artists and over four hundred works, and combining the heirs of ancient techniques to the young generation in search of technological renewal : the Ott-chil lacquer (CHUNG Hae-cho, LEE Kwang-ho), Najeon pearl, Hanji paper (with LEE Young- soon, KANG Sung-hee), contemporary jewelry (with KWON Seul-gi, MOON Choon-sun), etc.

The exhibition also shows an astonishing panorama of korean contemporary Fashion, with more than a hundred and twenty silhouettes and accessories. Emerging from 1980s fashion creation found its first international gratefulness with creators famous Seoulites such as JIN Te-ok (Jin Tae ok), André KIM, LEE Young-hee (House of Lee Young hee ) and SUL Yun-hyoung (Sul Yun-Hyoung).

The exhibition also presents Graphic Design. Through twenty artists and over two hundred works, silkscreen posters, books and magazines, reveal the dynamism, diversity and uniqueness of this young generation. If this art has no tradition itself, it quickly integrates codes and local cultural specificities. By offering a modern, free and visual language, it reflects a quest for renewal, now omnipresent in Korea. Artists like AHN Sang-soo, PARK Kum-jun and KIM Bo-huy are exposed for this occasion.

4 - YUN Sang-hee_An  Attack by Green Horns (model cut)-light
YUN Sang-hee, necklace green horns attack, 2009 pearl, platinum, silver, gold, wood © Munch Studio, hEO Myung-wook

So if you are in love with contemporary art, Graphic Design, Design or Fashion, discover the colorful and artistic treasures of this booming country, combining tradition and modernity.

“KORA NOW : Craft, Design, Fashion and Graphic Design in Korea”
Les Arts Décoratifs Museum
107, rue de Rivoli – 75001 Paris
Telephone : : (+33) 01 44 55 57 50
Opening Hours :  from Tuesday to Sunday,
from 11:00am to 6:00pm (night-time Thursday until 9:00pm)
Les Arts Décoratifs official website : here.


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