Best of Parisian Fairs 2015 : do you know YUKI KOBAYASHI ?

This year, HASHT-ART has come to SLICK ART FAIR 2015 to discover emerging artists and young galleries. On the platform of the fair, we find an original artist. His name is Yuki Kobayashi, he was born in Japan, lives and works in London. He is exposed by the young Chabah Yelmani Gallery, based in Brussels.

The booth is located at the beginning of the platform. We are in front of a space, whose walls are covered with a red synthetic fur. The name of this work is “The Factory of Universe“. In this space, the artist has arranged strange sculptures, paintings and pictures.

Yuki Kobayashi uses asexual identical models and colors in his work. According to the artist, these models break the gender barriers, religious, social, and cultural identity. Moreover, the artist wants by this work, we demonstrate that an artist is free, and how man is forced.

Yuki Kobayashi was born in 1990 in Tokyo. From 2008 to 2010, He studied at the University of Hawaii Kapiolani Community College in Hawaii, USA. In 2010 he decided to go to London to study art at the UAL, Byam Shaw School of Art. He studied from 2012 to 2014 in UAL, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. He is currently student at the Royal College of Art in London, with Painting course, and Performance pathway.

By his work, the artist offers us a travel without limits in his imagination, his poetry, and art. Personal universe, both strange, touching and stimulating the work of Yuki Kobayashi is the imprint of an rising era, and seeking answers which man is at the center of them.

Yuki Kobayashi at SLICK 2015 © Hasht-Art

What was the reaction of french people during this performance?
According to the artist, at the first presentation, there were a lot of people, and almost as much at the second. At first the public seemed surprised, but as and performance measurement began to smile. Then, children were amused and wanted to “play” with the artist.

Video realized by Chabah Yelmani Gallery : here.

Chabah Yelmani Gallery
293 Chaussée de Boondael/ Boodaalsesteenweg
1050-Brussels, Belgium
Telephone : +32(0) 264-69-768
Opening hours : from Tuesday to Saturday
From 10:30am  to 6:00pm and by appointment
Contact :
Official website : here


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