Carte blanche for Tanabe Shouchiku at Guimet Museum


After « Carte Blanche to Lee Bae » (presented for the France-Korea Year), the MNAAG invites a new asian artist to realize for the museum a unique and ephemeral creation. The monumental work of the japanese artist Tanabe Shouchiku is presented in the rotunda crowning the museum, with views of the sky and heritage of Paris.

Who is Tanabe Shouchiku ?
Tanabe Shouchiku represents the fourth generation of a line of japanese master weavers initiated in 1890. Takeo Tanabe Born in 1973, he received the artist name of Shouchiku meaning in japanese « small bamboo« . His experience is passed by his father, who taught him the japanese traditional floral art (ikebana).

And his work ?
For his work, he uses a technique of braiding-mesh, family traditional process. Also trained at Osaka Craft High School and the University of Arts of Tokyo art he has created a style of useful items or pure forms, sometimes in conjunction with other artists, including the lacquerer Sasai Fumie. Tanabe Shouchiku also gives special monumental dimension to his art.He has exhibited in many galleries and institutions, and his work is present in several museum collections, both Japan and Europe and America. This is his first exhibition in a museum in France.

And what about this exhibition ?
Fourth vegetable sculpture developed by Tanabe Shouchiku, this installation is realized from 8 000 calibrated bamboos. Auspicious symbol like the pine and plum, bamboo is an embodiment of Japanese aesthetics. It stands tall and straight, leaves in the wind producing a natural and soothing sound.

The artist exclusively uses striped bamboo (torachiku) or black bamboo. These bamboos only grow in Japan a place where the soil gives them the unique tigrures. These strands of torachiku talk about rooting in one place but also the inexhaustible potentiality of their displacement in time and space. Sculptural creation, properly space, this installation mentions organic forms. It highlights five main Japanese elements: earth (chi), water (sui), fire (ka), wind (fu), emptiness (Kokû).

It is in this last element that the artist gets his inspiration, his empty philosophy, that fits perfectly in the space that the artist calls « museum dome ».

Avril 13 – September 19 2016
MNAAG (Guimet Museum)
6, place d’Iéna – 75116 Paris, France
Opening hours : 10am-6pm (closed every Tuesday)

Telephone : (+33) 01 56 52 53 00
Official website : here


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