R.I.P Ren Hang…


Photo : Ren Hang. Sources : CNN Style

He has lighted up by his provocative work a large number of fairs and museums. The young Chinese prodigy photographer Ren Hang committed suicide at 29, leaving behind him true poetic works.

Ren Hang was born on March 30, 1987 in the suburbs of Changchun, Jilin Province, northeast of China. Like other provocative Chinese artists such as Ai Weiwei, Ren Hang was censored in China because of his work, which was considered « pornographic, » but was appreciated elsewhere for his art, both intense and strange .

In true self-taught, Ren Hang braved all the conventions and dared compositions as raw as beautiful. This frenzy of shaking up the prohibitions gave rise to a work of sharp Poetry, in which Nature unites the bodies as in a great wild, mineral and animal world, where modesty does not exist any more than morality.

According to his friendly and professional entourage, Ren Hang would have committed suicide. He would have throw himself out of a window. He was 29 years old. Those who followed him on his microblog Weibo site, knew him in a prey to chronic depression. Ren Hang wrote his evil in line, in prose and poetry. He wrote : « every year I make the same wish : die sooner » he said in one of his last posts, published last month on the eve of the Chinese New Year. « if Life is a bottomless abyss, when I jump, the endless fall will also be a way of flying« .

Photo credit : foam museum

Since a few days a great homage is paid to the artist, left too early, on social medias or with artists such as Soko, Robert Zhao Renhui, or Natasha Caruana.

Like his defender, Ai Weiwei, Ren Hang produced works considered dangerous for society and the communist state. The artist, however, said: « the political ideas expressed in my images have nothing to do with China. It is the Chinese policy that wants to be introduced into my art. One of my exhibitions has already been canceled by the Chinese government for ‘suspicion of sex’ « . His German publisher Taschen published : « Ren Hang was anything but a rebel. » The 29-year-old photographer, who was shy and prone to depression, was in the forefront of Chinese artists’ their freedom of creation « .

Sources : Le Figaro & CNN Style.